The Smart Energy Profile 2 is the forthcoming standard for applications that enable home energy management via wired and wireless devices that support Internet Protocol.

To ensure interoperability of products, the members of the Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability are working together to develop common testing documents and processes for certifying SEP 2 interoperability

The Founding Members of the Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability (CSEP) are industry alliances: ZigBee Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, and HomePlug Alliance.

Participant Registration

If your company is a Participant or Regular member of at least one of these alliances, you may register to participate in the Technical Committee that will develop the testing tools and processes to be used for SEP 2 certification.

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Read the press releases from CSEP

CSEP Approves Test Harness Software from QualityLogic (January 29, 2015) download

CSEP Applauds SEP 2 Standard Ratification (May 14, 2013)  download

CSEP Completes Incorporation and Successful First Interoperability Plugfest (Jul. 31, 2012) download

Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability Launches (Oct. 25, 2011) download

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a FAQ page that addresses questions such as how an industry group can join CSEP.

Governing Documents

On May 16, 2012, CSEP was incorporated as a California mutual benefit non-profit corporation. The corporation's governing documents include the bylaws, Sponsor membership agreement and other documents.

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