Participant Registration

The Members of the Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability (CSEP) are industry alliances including the ZigBee Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, HomePlug Alliance and Bluetooth SIG.

In order to register to participate in the CSEP Technical and Marketing Committees, your company must be a member of at least one of these alliances.

Also, your membership must be at, or above, the follow level:

If your company meets these requirements, you are welcome to sign up and participate in committees that will develop and promote the testing tools and processes to be used for SEP 2 certification.

Please follow these steps to sign up:

Step 1:  Your company must agree to terms of the IPR Registration Agreement by signing and submit the agreement

Download the Registration Form and Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

(The agreement includes instructions on how to send it to CSEP.)

Step 2:  Submit the Participant Company Information Form

Participant Company Information Form

Step 3 (optional):  If your company has additional contacts that would like to participant in the Technical Committee:

Additional Participant Contacts Form